KRPF Adda (4th Instalment) – Sexuality and People With Disability

Kolkata Rainbow Pride Festival (KRPF) is back with the 4th instalment of KRPF Adda on 10th May, 2015 at the Conference hall of Academy Of Fine ArtsThe event will start from 6 pm. This time the topic of discussion will be “Sexuality and People With Disability”. As its Facebook event describes :
  • A very short woman says to a very short man, ‘If we are considered unholy, then everything about us is unholy’ and later she says that she does not want to repeat the same mistakes which her dwarf parents had made. She will not get married and give birth to any child for fear that the child will turn out to be a dwarf too.
  • Another young lady with cerebral palsy explores and celebrates her sexual desires to discover that she is a bisexual woman and this knowledge helps her to gain the confidence she needs to face life with a new strength. She chooses to live life on her own terms and begins by loving and appreciating herself for the person she is.
  • When the Taiwanese NGO Hand Angel—an organization promoting the sexual rights of disabled people—first spoke to Andy (Dystrophy patient), they realized this situation meant he’d also never been able to have a frank conversation with anyone about his sexuality. And as a young gay man who didn’t want to speak to his parents about his feelings, this wasn’t exactly the healthiest situation to be in. So, over the course of a few months, representatives from the NGO counselled Andy online, helping him to understand his own sexuality and place in the world. Next, they “smuggled” him out of his house and took him to a motel for a ‘hand job’.
  • A young man, affected by polio which has rendered both his legs useless from the hip downwards, once said in a matter of fact way, while discussing his sex life with a friend, “Well, this guy whom I met through the online gay social network last evening, was quite surprised to see my physical condition and exclaimed, ‘I did not imagine that your disability was so severe, though you mentioned it, because you were so confident and bold while chatting and you did not seem any less capable than any other normal man. Yet, I am curious how do you manage to have sex?’ So, I replied, ‘Oh dear! None of my sex dates ever complained. They can lift my legs very easily if they want my ass, and if they want my dick they have to just sit on it. My dick does get hard unlike my legs, you know! I am always on my back, happy to let everyone be on top!’ The Friend asked, ‘So, did you do him?’ The young man with polio replied, ‘Of course!! Pity and curiosity got the better of him!’ and winked!

Do you have a similar story to share? Then come to this KRPF ADDA and let us all share our views on people with disability and their sexual desires and sexuality. Let us break the myths surrounding people with disability. Let us break the over protective circle of pity and care which surrounds differently abled people and stops us from recognizing their sexual desires and needs. Let us break the web of stigma and alienation which keeps people with disability on the fringes of our collective consciousness.

The speakers will be :

Shampa Sengupta, who is a Kolkata based activist working on gender & disability issue for more than 25 yrs, she is founder of advocacy group called Sruti Disability Rights Centre & is Executive Committee Member, National Platform for Rights of the Disabled (NPRD).

Jolly Laha, who has completed her M.A. in Psychology from C.U. and has received training in Psychoanalysis from Psychoanalytical Society. She is one of the founder members of Samikshani, a mental health organization in Kolkata,

Jhuma Basak, who is an Associate Professor with a Ph.D. in Psychology from Kyushu University, Japan and a member of International Psychoanalytical Association, London & Tokyo.

The event will be moderated by Sayan Bhattacharya, an independent researcher and writer.

In the past also KRPF brought up many social issues through the adda sessions to build up and spread awareness by mass interaction and discussion.

The first adda was organized on 28.10.12 by the KRPF team. The speakers were Elke Gunzler (Photographer), Sudarshan Chakrovorty (Choreographer and Artistic Director at Sapphire Creations Dance Company), Paramita Banerjee (Independent consultant in the sphere of child protection and gender justice), Amitava Sarkar (LGBT Rights Activist) and Tista Das (LGBT Rights Activist & SRS Consultant). The adda was moderated by Niladri Chatterjee (Associate Professor at University of Kalyani). 

Subject : Transgender life.

The 2nd session of KRPF Adda dated 24.02.13 was based on “Violence faced by the LGBTIQ Community”. Speakers – Anis Ray Chaudhuri (Gender & Sexuality Rights Worker), Chapal Bhaduri (Eminent Theater Personality), Debalina (Film Director), Jolly Laha (Mental Health Expert), Kaushik Gupta (Advocate, Kolkata High Court), Minakshi Sanyal (Activist & Co-founder of Sappho For Equality). Event Moderator – Sayan Bhattacharya (Assistant editor, Kindle Magazine). 

The 3rd instalment of Adda titled “Preparing for Section 377 Verdict” was held on 9.11.13. The speakers were Anand Grover (UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Health), Kaushik Gupta (Advocate and Sexual Rights Activist), Sandip Roy (Writer and Queer Activist), Dr Ujjaini Srimani (Mental Health Professional) and Zaid Al Baset (Gender Issues Researcher). Event Co-ordinator: Pawan Dhall (LGBT Rights Activist, Founder of Varta Trust – Gender, Sexuality, Intimacy, Publishing).


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