Trikone LGBT rally during Mr Modi’s visit to California : Isn’t Bharat equally ‘Mata’ of all her children?

I was at a Trikone rally that supported gay rights near that venue. I was simply holding my placard with my friends.
Suddenly a bunch of zealots decided that we were not desired and asked San Jose Police Department (SJPD) to kick us out upon which the SJPD supported our right to get our voice heard. Then the group got aggressive and with force pushed us out. Seeing this, the police no longer could guaranttee our security and asked us if we needed an escord to move to a different area. Upon which the zealots started yelling out “get out” in sync. When we left… they rejoiced “bharat mata ki jai” which is completely ironic. How can the bharat mata be great by not being inclusive.
Another irony is this is happening in liberal silicon valley, in liberal california and in the middle of one of the most educated group of people. I’m a bit shaken to see how the crowd mentality worked itself out and I feel sorry for all the minorities out there who have experienced it in some way or other. True progress (technology or otherwise) happens when all divergent voices are heard and given a fair shot and not forced out by majority.
– Hrishi S.
Watch the Video for some glimpses of the incident.

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