Jaipur: Two Married Women Get Married To Each Other

Report: India Today
Two Rajasthani women fell in love and got married. Both the women, living in neighbouring houses in Jaipur, were already married and their husbands worked in a liquor vend. Both of them had been married for eight years and had a child each.
With their husbands leaving for work every day, the two women would be lonely and would usually spend time with each other. Over time, the two women, Sonia, 27, and Mamata, 26, fell in love and decided to get married and live a happy married life as husband and wife.
According to the arrangement, Sonia was to be the husband in this marriage and Mamata the wife.
The two women got married in a temple in Mansarovar village in the state’s Jaipur district and eloped, leaving their husbands and families behind.
However, six months later, Mamata’s brother found them living together. When he arrived at their home, he managed to convince the two women that their families would agree to their marriage and that they should return home.
Once he managed to bring the two back to Mansarovar, where the women’s in-laws from the first marriage live, they beat up Sonia, the husband, and chased her out of the village. With Sonia gone, the family made Mamata disappear. The incident took place in Amli village in Rajasthan’s Tonk district.
Now, unable to bear the pain of separation, Sonia is looking for Mamata and is running from pillar to post asking for help and information about her wife.
A broken-hearted Sonia lodged a formal complaint with the Diggi PS after she discovered that Mamata’s family members had deserted their house to avoid police action and had left no trace of the woman. She has even approached the court for legal assistance to prove that same-sex marriages are valid and that nobody is allowed to interfere in their matter.
Now, the court has sent a legal notice to Mamata’s family members. Sonia says that in order to fulfil every wish of Mamata’s she had even sold off her house. Now she says that if Mamata is not found, she would commit suicide.

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