Indiaree Gender Independence Festival

On Independence day, Indiaree wants to focus on the aspect of Independence of the Gender Minority Groups residing in India.. As in and around our existences, we witness marginalization in its varied forms. Since this is the time when Indian Independence is celebrated, we would like to look into an arena which lies beyond the concept of so called Independence. For our stage, Indiaree has planned to organize a festival with a photography festival and a film festival. Our goal is to genuinely uphold the paradigms and practices of the gender minority group of our country, the politics that shun their freedom.
These films and photographs will try to portray the journeys of the sexual minority group and try to breach the gap between the center and the margins and speak out against any kind of normative behavior and preaching.
On 20th August, a panel discussion will be held at the Theosophical Society of India.
On 21st August, Indiaree will arrange a walk for gender Independence.

15th- 18th August- Online photography festival on queer themes by Archan Mukherjee at
20th- 24th August- Online Film Festival on queer lives and identities. This festival will screen both documentaries and short fictions. The themes ranging from ideas of transgender identities from points of mythology, crisis and family relations. The documentaries will trace marginalisation and its centering through stories of personal odysseys.
28th August- Screening of the same films and panel discussion
21st August- A walk for gender freedom
31st August- The magazines featuring queer writers and ideas will be released at


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