Queer Pride Guwahati on 5th February, 2017

Guwahati is going to celebrate its 4th edition of Queer Pride March on  5th February, 2017.

As they have announced on Xukia’s (a queer collective in Assam) Facebook page:

Dear Friends, 

We are very proud to announce that the 4th QUEER PRIDE 
GUWAHATI, 2017 will be held on 5th February, 2017, Sunday. 

For the 4th year in a row, we take to the streets to with 
all our colour to celebrate life and love and reiterate the 
simple fact that our bodies and our lives will not be 
dictated and policed by any law or society. 

Please spread the word as much as possible. And we hope to 
see you all in the Pride ! 

Let's come together and make this huge! We invite everyone 
to come forward and get involved.

The Pride is supported by voluntary donations, and we would 
begrateful for all the help we receive in this regard, 
whether in cash or in kind (chart papers, masks, brushes, 
flags etc). Please get in touch if you want to donate.

Just 50 Days to go.

The organisers have urged the community and supporters to come forward and help them with some contribution.
Like every year, the Queer Pride Guwahati will be entirely 
funded by voluntary donations. So, we invite everyone to 
please contribute as much as they can to make this event a 
success. Any contribution is greatly appreciated.

The approximate expenditure the Pride is 20,000/- rupees.
You can donate cash, if you are in Guwahati or contribute 
online (contact us for details). You can also contribute 
in kind by donating chartpapers, poster,colours, paint 
brushes, masks, rainbow flags, glue etc.

You can also sponsor specific items. Below is a list of the 
thingswe still require and their expected cost.

1. Sound/music system - Rs. 3000/-
2. Balloons (buying, decorating) - Rs. 2000/-
3. Dhol - Rs. 3000/-
4. Posters/pamphlets- Rs. 5000/-
5. Small rainbow flags- Rs. 3000/-

Let us get together and make it possible!!
Please spread the word!

If anyone wants to help, contact them here.

Best of luck, Guwahati!


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