Social Media & Its People

See how venomous we are. Microsoft created an A.I.(Artificial Intelligence)-powered chat bot called Tay with the goal of conducting real-world research on conversational understanding. Tay was built by mining public data that’s been anonymized, which is the bot’s primary data source. Microsoft said “the bot will get smarter the more you interact with it via chat, making for an increasingly personalized experience as time goes on.”

It took 24 hours for Twitter to teach the chatbot to be a racist, sexist, homophobic monster. We successfully toxified a Chat bot too! Read Tay’s Tweets.

2 days back, Microsoft released an official apology and shut it down.

Now see how rumours on Twitter maliciously painted the Delhi dentist murder as a communal incident.

A 40-year old dentists was beaten to death in west Delhi’s Vikaspuri area on Wednesday. The incident started when the victim, Pankaj Narang, was involved in a quarrel with two men on a motorcycle. As per an Indian Express report, Narang slapped the rider, leading to tempers flaring. Later, the rider returned with a group of nine, consisting of five Hindus and four Muslims (as per a Dainik Bhaskar report) and proceeded to assault Narang, leading to his death.

Matters reached a pass where the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police of Delhi (West) had to actually tweet out the religious break up of the mob in order to quash rumours.

And now the ADC is getting abused on Twitter for tweeting the fact.

Now Dr Pankaj Narang’s family member has come forward to expose the attempt to communalise his murder. But failed to stop twitter spreading venom.


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